Criminal complaints that I Steve Winter have filed against Carl Mccaskey for harassment and stalking over the years and documentation thereof.

I feel to mention for any Christian readers that  that Carl Mccaskey has at least once and probably on more than one occasion actually blasphemed the Holy Ghost by attributing a miracle of the Holy Ghost to the devil in his obsessed attack against true Christianity.

It is notable that Facebook has been allowing Carl Mccaskey to spam malicious libel about me and stalk and harass me.  Facebook has even gone so far as to censor my replies to Mccaskey's malicious libel links which include a site by one Stephen Adams who is another false-christian who could not defend the garbage he believes so he resorted to malicious libel   He is also spamming a malicious libel site run by a reprobate false preacher Mark Bassett who is another that I had to file numerous criminal complaints against.   The interesting thing about Bassett is that in his bizarre rambling he admits most everything that I have ever accused him of but says I deserved it.  If I am forced to file another criminal complaint against Carl Mccaskey I plan to name Facebook as an accessory.  See http://www.facebookcensorship.com for some additional history and details.  Here are some screenshots that document Facebook's involvement

Some may ask, why go to the trouble to do this.  I guess this clown just finally crossed the line with his lying and harassment and I just decided to follow through.

Beukeboom is one Carl Mccaskey from Florida against whom I have had to file many criminal complaints over the years for various types of harassment and stalking. He is another false-christian deceiver who could not defend the polytheistic garbage that he believes against the Bible so he has resorted to malicious libel, lying and harassment. Of course he continues to lie so I took a couple of minutes to just list a few of the criminal complaints that I filed against him. 

Since Carl Mccaskey is continuing to blatantly lie and deny that these complaints were ever filed I am trying to dig them out of files and scan them just in case anyone has any doubts about what a liar Carl Mccaskey is.  Mccaskey makes repeated reference to libelous website run by one Stephen Adams who is another sick, obsessed  false-christian scum who found himself unable to defend his beliefs against the Bible.  You can read a bit about Mr Adams here http://www.prime.org/legal

As I find the documentation the complaints below will become active links to a scan of the actual criminal complaint. I have also enhanced this page with other documentation of the harassment and stalking that I have endured from Carl Mccaskey over the years.  He is one sick OBSESSED little false-christian scum.  What you see here is really only a handful of samples. Some of these files are from public record while I continue to dig up the originals.

Criminal complaint filed with the Durham Police Dept [IR 98-26609]
4/9/98 against Mr. Mccaskey with Nettally being listed as an accessory.

6/4/98 -6/11/98 two FAXed complaints to the FBI regarding Carl Mccaskey
computer harassment

Durham Police IR 99-13333 regarding denial of service attack from nettally.com.

12/08/99 Durham, NC Police IR99-82433 Electronic Computer Harassment
complaint filed against Carl Mccaskey with one Mr. Perrine named as an accessory.

8/08/2000 Durham, NC Police IR00-27821 Electronic Computer
Stalking/Harassment complaint filed against Carl Mccaskey of Tallahassee, FL. I provided the
police with several IRC logs of recent contacts as evidence.

10/03/2000 Durham, NC Police IR00-34780 Criminal Complaint filed against Carl Mccaskey of Tallahassee, FL. I provided the police with IRC logs as evidence.  The police labeled it Harassment by Wire and Denial of Service and advised that a warrant be issued.

Here is a link to a page that documents the criminal harassment and stalking by Carl Mccaskey over the years

I believe that this documents what a sick, obsessed false-christian stalker and net scum Carl Mccaskey really is.


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